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What are the precautions when using an optical fiber transmi
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What are the precautions when using an optical fiber transmission welding machine

Fiber laser welding machine in all walks of life in the application of more and more widely, the basic knowledge of laser welding machine we have a certain understanding, the following we say that the use of fiber laser welding machine in the process of what precautions :

Precautions for Fiber Laser Welding Machine

1, with the relevant staff. The person in charge must have relevant knowledge and experience in laser and welding machine. The person in charge should not only be in charge of the safety lock key and password of the welding machine, but also instruct the operator on how to use the welding machine and teach the relevant safety knowledge.
2, the establishment of a dedicated laser welding area. The relevant responsible person is responsible for the establishment of a special laser welding area (with a fence and other similar devices separated from the other work area), while in the welding area to set up "loitering personnel prohibited near" and other related signs.
3, the welding machine installed in a level, a solid place, not on the tilt of the place. This welding machine uses three-phase AC 380V (50 ~ 60Hz) electricity.
4, the ambient temperature of 5 ° C-30 ° C humidity of not more than 85% of the environment in the use of the welding machine, the ambient temperature should not fluctuate too much. Do not use the machine under the following conditions:
- There is dust, oil pollution of the environment.
- A vibrating environment.
- Corrosive environment.
- High-frequency noise environment.
- Humid environment.
(CO 2, NOx, or SOx) in atmospheres containing high concentrations of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur oxides.
5, in the winter if the ambient temperature dropped below 0 ° C, the water tank will be frozen, the water tank may crack. Therefore, special care in the winter to ensure that the ambient temperature of the welding machine not less than 0 ° C. If the ambient temperature is below 0 ° C, drain the water from the tank and refer to the relevant section.
6, if the ambient temperature changes in the YAG laser rods and lenses will form water vapor, which will affect the use of welding machines. Therefore, as far as possible to prevent the dramatic changes in ambient temperature. If the water vapor has been formed, then the machine must be warmed up after a while and then use the machine.
7, if the welding machine chassis stain or water, please use a dry cloth or wet cloth dry. If the stain is not clean, neutral detergent or alcohol can be wiped clean. Do not use gasoline or paint thinner to wipe the machine.
8. It is forbidden to place screws or coins on the inside or outside of the welding machine, which may cause a short circuit and damage the machine.
9, please gently operate the button, do not use a screwdriver and other tools to touch the button. In particular, do not use sharp things touch the touch screen, this will cause permanent damage to the touch screen (with your fingers or a dedicated touch pen touch screen operation).
10, buttons and switches do not continuous operation, to ensure that only one click at a time. Repeated switches affect the life of the machine.
11, control box and welding machine is connected with the connection between the lines. After removing it, make sure that all connections have been restored before the next use. At the same time, do not let the cable block the fiber.
12. Do not bend the fiber to less than its minimum bend radius.

Above is some of the fiber laser welding machine on the note, hoping to help everyone. Ming radium laser as a well-known laser equipment manufacturers, the relentless implementation of laser equipment in a variety of industries, and to provide customers with the most suitable full set of industry solutions. You are welcome to inquire, visit, proofing, and we look forward to your visit.

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