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3D laser marking machine
3D 激光打标机
  • 3D 激光打标机
3D laser marking machine

Model Profile
Given keeping excellent beam quality, Hero laser’s new three-dimensional dynamic laser marking machine adopts imported Germany IPG fiber laser source. It adopts the fore-focusing technique, dynamic focusing, to make the spot more thinner, faster, and better effect, that’s suitable for a wide range of multi-level marking. Meanwhile, it can achieve laser marking on the surface of the work-piece accurately, and no-defocus phenomenon during processing.

Model Features
1.Adopts Germany IPG fiber laser source,the beam quality is much better than traditional one,its spot more smaller,and suitable for precise and excellent marking.
2.Adopts US CTI scanning system,SCANLAB scanning head,and infrared focusing system(Optional)without measuring focal length,to make works more convenient.
3.The light spot has excellent quality,and stable power.It has a long-term service life more than 100,000 hours and the laser source is maintenance-free.
4.High precision’s three-dimensional positioning technology,high-speed marking performance,and its work efficiency has increased 20% than similar model.
5.The software control system is able to calculate the radian of the arc surface and adjust the focal length automatically.
6.It can mark on the multi-level large area,three-dimensional surface,and plane,as well as according to various models of laser source to configure.
7.The highest electrical/optical conversion rate is up to 30%,and the whole power consumption is less than 800w,this is 1/10 of lamp-pumped solid state laser marking machine,and save much of energy cost.

Product Parameters

Application Range
Suitable for laser marking, which is three-dimensional various mental or non-mental, widely used in precision machine, measuring and cutting tools, electrical appliances, stereo circuit, electronic components, electronic 3C, electronic communications, hardware accessories, hardware tools, mobile phone parts, auto parts, mold, plastic products, medical equipment, pipes and other high precision carving products. 

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