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Welding Spot Laser Cleaning Machine

Short Description:

ML-QF-SS-SC-HW100 is a product specially designed for Welding Spot Laser Cleaning Machine.20~100W Laser Cleaning Machine. Factory Price. Customized Design.  Can be Shipped. Professional R&D Team.Customized Laser Systems.

Product Details

Feature parameters



How to order

Product Introduction

Laser cleaning Machine is a new generation of high-tech products for surface cleaning. Easy to install, manipulate and automate. Simple operation, turn on the electricity, turn on the equipment, then you can carry out chemical-free, media-free, dust-free, water-free cleaning, automatic focusing, laminated surface cleaning, cleaning surface cleanliness and other advantages, can remove the object surface resin, oil, stains, dirt, embroidery turbidity, coating, plating, paint.

Technical Parameters

Equipment Type

Welding Spot Laser Cleaner (Standard Type)

Model Code


Laser Type

Domestic (H)-pulsed lasers

Imported (I) Pulsed Lasers

Laser wavelength

1064 nm

Cooling method

air cooling

Fiber cable length

3 to 5M (customizable)

Laser power


Supply voltage

AC~220V 50/60Hz

Whole machine power


Cabinet dimensions


Weight of the whole machine


Handheld head weight

Standard model 1.6kg

Working temperature

5 ~ 40 °C

Core Features

1. First high power fiber laser cleaning machine in China.
2. Non-contact cleaning,can be no damage to workpiece.
3. Precision positioning, selective cleaning, desired cleaning area can be applied to the workpiece.
4. No need chemical detergent, no consumable. Safe & environment-friendly.
5. Easy to operate, either portable or equipped with robot for automatic cleaning.
6. High cleaning efficiency, time-saving.
7. Stable laser cleaning system, free maintenance.


Application Scenarios

Suitable for cleaning welded surfaces of steel and aluminium,as a pre-treatment for welded surfaces, which is after welding.
Applications include the automotive industry, precision tool production, shipbuilding and other industries.

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