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Small Size Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Short Description:

The small size precision fiber laser cutting machine adopts RAYCUS laser source which has international advanced laser technology, laser cutting flexibility is good, no need to open mold, greatly saving new product development time, cutting speed, high precision.



Product Detail

Product Introduction

Laser cutting uses a high-power density laser beam to quickly heat the material to vaporization temperature and evaporate to form a hole, move the beam to form a slit, so that realize the materials cutting . based on this ,Herolaser small area high precision cutting machine also achieves high-precision cutting, no tool wear, low heat impact, fast speed, automatic positioning, automatic correction and other functions.

Technical Parameters

Optical performance parameter

Laser source wavelength


Output power rate of the Laser source


Effective cutting area


Cutting thickness (depend on Laser source power)

Carbon 8mmStainless Steel 4mm;

Aluminum Alloy 2mm; Copper 2mm;

Positioning accuracy


Repeated position accuracy


Max speed of X-axis


Max speed of Y-axis


Max speed of Z-axis


Synthesis speed


Max accelerated speed


Bearing weight


Electric demand


Total Power consumption




Machine weight

About 1200KG

Support Graphical format


Core Features

1. High Precision laser cutting machine

Stable, mature technology, high cutting efficiency, small footprint, flexible application with full-time cutting, high utilization of the materials, strong expandability , and very flexible

2. High-precision host

Precision linear guide, high precision positioning, less wear; can keep high precision for a long time, easy and interchangeable

3. Laser cutting head

The laser cutting head is equipped with a sensitive bus-type capacitor, which can be adjusted to the ideal focal length to ensure the cutting efficiency and cutting effect

4. Precise cutting

Realize the precise cutting and nearly without error and the cutting surface is smooth and flat

Application Scenarios

gongyizhans (1)
gongyizhans (2)
gongyizhans (3)
gongyizhans (4)

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