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3D Laser Marking Machine

Short Description:

The 3D laser marking machine launched by Herolaser continues to use imported German IPG fiber lasers, under the premise of continuing to maintain excellent beam quality. Using front focusing technology and dynamic focusing, the focused spot is thinner, faster and better. Suitable for large-scale multi-level marking. It can realize laser marking on curved workpieces more accurately, and there is no defocus phenomenon during processing.

Product Detail

Product Introduction

The 3D laser marking machine launched by Herolaser continues to use imported German IPG fiber lasers, under the premise of continuing to maintain excellent beam quality. Using front focusing technology and dynamic focusing, the focused spot is thinner, faster and better. Suitable for large-scale multi-level marking. It can realize laser marking on curved workpieces more accurately, and there is no defocus phenomenon during processing.

Technical Parameters



Laser Power

20W/ 30W/ 50W/ 100W/ 200W

Laser wavelength


Repeating Frequency


Beam Quality


Marking Range

100mm x 100mm(Optional)

Marking Depth

0.01-2 mm(depend on material and marking time)

Marking Speed


Min.line Width




Repeatability Accuracy


Power Supply

220V±10% / 50-60Hz



Operating System

Win98/Win2000/WinXP/Win 7

Cooling Way

Built-in air cooling

Control Interface

Standard USB

File Format

All character styles from character store of OS

Laser Type


Core Features

1. Excellent beam quality: Adopt Germany IPG, and other reliable advanced fiber laser source, beam quality is much better than traditional solid-state laser, focused spot diameter less than 20um, divergence angle is 1/4 of diode-pumped laser. Especially suitable for precise and excellent marking.

2. Low cost: The highest electrical/ optical conversion rate is up to 30%, the whole power consumption is less than 500W, this is 1/10 of lamp-pumped solid-state laser marking machine, save much of energy cost.

3. Maintenance-free: laser source no need of any maintenance, also no need adjust or clean the lens.

4. Long term service life of the laser source: fiber laser marking machine uses a laser diode as the pump source, the average service time can up to 100,000 hours.

5. High marking speed: The marking speed is over 3 times of first and second generation of laser markers.

HD transparent marking galvanometer

Highly transparent, clean the lens without impurities, increase the format and see the quality. Only a good lens can mark a good product


High electro-optic conversion efficiency

The laser marking machine system developed by using fiber lasers at home and abroad has good output beam quality, high reliability and electro-optic conversion efficiency


1. Surface mark: It is ideal when marking on coatings without penetrating through, such as chrome, nickel, gold, and silver etc.

2. Deep engraving: Utilizing a high power laser this process vaporizes a material to engrave into the base metal.Most common in plastic injection molds, Jewelry making, and stamping dies.

3.Ablation: Removing surface treatments (i.e. plating, and coatings of paint) to create translucent back round without damaging the base material, widely used in backlit material processing such as backlit buttons.


Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios (1)
Application Scenarios (2)
Application Scenarios (3)
Application Scenarios (4)
Application Scenarios (5)
Application Scenarios (6)
3D laser marking machine appli
laser marking machine appli

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