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6025 Series Metal Sheet/Plate Laser Cutting Machine

Short Description:

Model: ML-CF-6025FB-HW12000

Product Detail

Product Introduction

ML-CF-6025FB series laser cutter is a fiber laser cutting machine with advanced structure design and excellent machine tool performance, which applies the world-class CNC and fiber laser. It adopts gantry-type double-drive structure ,integral welded base and rack so that vibration aging treatment is carried out to eliminate the stress during welding and processing after rough machining ;and pinion transmission structure with fast speed, high precision, one-time cutting and forming without subsequent processing.
Greatly improve the processing efficiency, the layout is visible, the cutting is tight to save material. Advanced technology can increase the progress of your company's new product development and recover your equipment investment cost soon.
It is widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising sign production, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, metal crafts, saw blades, hardware and other industries; also be used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, copper and other metals.

12000 watt laser cutting machine is developed and manufactured according to market demand.
Design concept: simple, practical and intelligent.
The gantry double drive structure design is adopted, and the bed is welded as a whole. After heat treatment and vibration aging, it is roughened and finished by large gantry milling, and the mounting surface of guide rail and gear rack is formed at one time.
It adopts world-class intelligent CNC system, high-performance servo drive + motor, and high-precision reducer + gear rack + guide rail drive.


Can cut all kinds of hardness materials

12000W high-power laser cutting machine can cut all kinds of thick plates, such as steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, cemented carbide and other hard materials, and keep the cutting materials from deformation

Parallel switching platform

The parallel exchange platform is adopted to complete the exchange of workpieces within 20 seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency of machining and cutting

The cutting surface is smooth without burr

High precision, high speed, narrow cutting seam and minimum heat affected zone. The workpiece will not be scratched when cutting materials by laser, and the workpiece has no mechanical deformation


Technical Parameters

Equipment model

ML- CF - 6025FB

Laser Power


Laser wavelength


Effective cutting range


Maximum cutting thickness Carbon steel ≤ 40mm; (recommended cutting thickness is within 25mm)
Stainless steel ≤ 40mm; (recommended cutting thickness is within 25mm)
Aluminum alloy ≤ 30mm; (recommended cutting thickness is within 25mm)
Brass ≤ 16mm; (recommended cutting thickness is within 12mm)

positioning accuracy


Repeat positioning accuracy


Maximum operating speed


Displacement acceleration


Load of supporting racket


Machine weight


Working Voltage




Support graphic format


Core Features

(1) Intelligent processing.

It can automatically use standard measuring instruments, edge finding, processing and platform exchange functions after enter the plates thickness and material in the system, eliminating the repetitive operation of batch platess cutting, reducing labor intensity and improving processing efficiency.

(2) Zero second perforation

1. Stepless perforation greatly reduces the perforation time by about 75% and improves the processing efficiency;
2. Continuous perforation, high stability, the waste hole rate is reduced from about 5% to 0.2%, improves the integrity of the workpiece;
3. High accuracy rate, less slag accumulation, stable follow-up, stable start cutting point, ensuring the best cutting section;
4. Reduce perforation time, save gas, reduce power consumption, reduce the risk of damage to lasers and cutting heads, and improve material utilization;
5. The encapsulation technology is ready to learn and use, simplify the different processing scenarios and needs

(3) Small hole cutting, reaching the limit of plates thickness

The field of laser cutting always been considered that the thickness of the plates is the minimum diameter of the cut hole, and the S series achieves a minimum hole diameter of 0.2 times or less than the thickness of the sheet.

(4) Perfect sharp corner cutting technology

The smallest aperture ≤ 0.2 times the plates thickness of sharp corner cutting products
The perfect sharp corner cutting process is a new process developed for high-quality cutting of carbon steel thick platess. Compared with the previous standard cutting process, the new process has a faster cutting speed and a smaller section slope (35mm carbon steel 15 wires/unilateral).

(5) Double Exchange platform

High and low switching table, complete a switching time ≦20 seconds, greatly improve the processing efficiency, save labor costs.

(6) Automatic location and edge search function

The system has automatic positioning and edge finding function, which makes the feeding more random, faster and faster

Application Scenarios

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gongyizhans (2)
gongyizhans (3)
gongyizhans (4)

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